Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Jeep Gift Ideas

Now with the Christmas 2007 shopping season firmly upon us, we feel it is a great time to write about Christmas gift ideas for the Jeep enthusiast in your life. The following are some great gift ideas.

1) Help them wrap up their Jeep CJ, Wrangler, or Cherokee with an aftermarket Jeep Bumper. There are many available styles to give a Jeep a more rugged off-road appearance as well as to provide additional safety and security. Some of today's more popular choices are:

  • Heavy Duty Rugged Ridge Tubular and Rock Crawler Jeep Bumpers - These Rugged Ridge Jeep Wrangler bumpers are designed for the off-road! They give your Jeep Wrangler TJ an aggressive look, and are built to take the pounding out on the trails. They allow for more ground clearance and better departure angles when your pushing your Jeep.
  • Warn Rock Crawler Bumpers for Jeeps - These WARN bumpers incorporate years of off-road experience into a durable and long lasting Jeep Rock Crawler Bumper. These Jeep bumpers are stylish, functional and built to last. You simply cannot go wrong buying a Warn product.
  • ARB Bull Bars for Jeeps - These ARB Bull Bars deliver the absolutely highest quality aftermarket bumper available. Each bar is made from premium cold rolled sheet steel and 250 grade heavy wall tubing to give you a bumper that will endure harsh conditions like those found in the Outback. Available for Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Liberty models.

2) Help them protect their sides and doors with protective Jeep rock sliders - Rock sliders offer side protection to protect body damage, undercarriage protection and offer a conveninet foot step for entry ino the Jeep. There are a number of variations available:

  • Jeep Rock Barz by Warrior - Warrior has defined Jeep body armor and these Rock Barz are no exception! They'll protect a Jeep from wheel well to wheel well without drastically reducing clearance or drilling holes. These Warrior Rock Bars include a diamond plate non-skid step plate and polyurethane end caps, and are black powder coated for a durable, long-lasting performance.
  • Rough Country Wrangler Rock Sliders - built by the company that has defined off-roading, these Rock Sliders are sleek and tough. They are built from heavy-duty 1.5" powder coated steel tube and ¼" laser cut mounting plates. These Rock Sliders protect the Jeep's body from the rocks, but they are so tough that they can be used as rotating points on obstacles or as a jacking point. Now that's performance!

3) Seat covers make a great gift for the Jeep enthusiast. They are pounding on their Jeeps and the seats take a huge amount of punishment. Protecting them with these protective and good looking seat covers is a great way to go. Check out the following options:

  • Bestop Jeep Seat Covers - These Bestop seat covers offer an extremely tight fit! They fit snuggly in place and have a durable knot backing to fight against slippage. They are made from automotive grade vinyl, color matched to OE colors, and are custom patterned for a nice snug fit. Dress up those ragged seats today by ordering a set of Bestop's seat covers.
  • Rugged Ridge Neoprene Wrangler Seat Covers - Add a great look to a Wrangler's seats while offering outstanding protection. These custom fit Neoprene Seat Covers are made of durable neoprene (the same stuff wet suits are made of) on the front and back, for one of the best looking seat covers around. Neoprene offers awesome protection for seats from dirt, water, or anything!

4) Replace those worn out and ragged looking soft tops with these new aftermarket Jeep Soft Tops. You'll find soft tops from the highest quality manufacturer, Bestop, and a lower priced option made by Pavement Ends.

There you have it! 4 great Christmas gift giving ideas for you for that Jeep "nut" in your life. We hope that you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wildest Promotion Attempt Ever To Sell Jeep Parts

The Jeep parts place I do some work for, XtremeTerrain.Com, is running one of the wildest promotions that I have personally ever heard of. It is a "Name Your Price" promotion. You pick the Jeep part or accessory that you would like to buy, then you make an offer amount that you would like to pay. The company then takes a look at it to see if they are willing to sell the part at that price. Take a look at it at Jeep parts promotion

I thought that this Jeep part promotion would be a huge mess with thousands of ridiculous offers and people going crazy trying to get the deal of the century, but just the opposite has happened! There has been very few offers made, and the company folks cannot understand why. Neither can I really. I mean why wouldn't you got out and find the lowest price on the Internet and eBay and then come back to XtremeTerrain.Com and cut some more money off of the lowest price to see if they'll accept it? That's what I would do!

I've been thinking about why people are not making offers, and the one primary theory I come up with is that they do not really believe that the company is serious about trying to make deals. This is the only reason I can come up with as to why you wouldn't take action on this promotion. The reality is that the company is extremely serious about doing everything it can to make people deals! They have made great deals to over 60% of the people that have made offers. In most of these cases the offers were to low for the company to match, but they made some drastic price cuts to their already low prices and made counteroffers, which their customers accepted. These folks realized fantastic deals!

Apparently, most folks are just to skeptical to try something like this. Too bad! They could be getting some great deals. I guess it is true that if you went up to people and told them you were going to give them money, more than half of them would turn and walk away before you had the chance to give it to them.

I have made the suggestion that the company post up a couple of testimonials that the promotion is real and that there are some great deals to be had, but they seemed reluctant to do it. They think that it will slowly catch on and more and more people will take advantage of it. I'm betting against it, so we'll soon find out.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Off-Road Jeeps Need/Deserve The Best Parts

Today the Jeep name is synonymous with off-road performance. For such a durable and reliable vehicle to withstand the dangers and punishment of offroad driving, extremely dependable parts are needed (and deserved). Many aftermarket Jeep part manufacturers such as Warn, ARB, Bestop, Tuffy, SkyJacker, and Rough Country carry a reputation for toughness and durability, and they should. After all, they’ve been abused by Jeep 4x4 fans all around the world over the past 20 years, and they’ve stood up to the punishment! For the dedicated 4x4 adventurer, it is necessary that our Jeeps have only the best replacement parts and accessories available to maximize the offroad performance of our rigs.

Understanding that off-road Jeeps deserve the best replacement Jeep parts and accessories, Xtreme Terrain Concepts offers only the most reliable performance parts, replacement parts, and accessories for all Jeep models, including the Willys, Jeep CJ, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, and Jeep Liberty.

Monday, February 05, 2007

4x4 Fanatics - Wife Swap is looking for you!

Through my work on the site I just got a very interesting email from a producer on the TV show "Wife Swap". It seems that they are now looking for families that participate in Extreme Sports (read 4-wheeling, OHV, 4x4, rock crawling here!).
Participating families receive a $20,000.00 Thank You for doing the show!! This is a great opportunity for a family that's into the off-road scene to make some money and show our pursuit in a positive light! We've checked them out some and it appears that t his is legitimate! We've posted their email on the off-road site so you can read about it yourself. Go to Wife Swap Email at Off-Road Info to learn more!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New, Wild and Unheard of Promo Coming Soon

The Jeep and 4x4 parts place I work for, Xtreme Terrain Concepts, is planning an extremely wild promotion. When they first told me what they were planning on doing I was just stunned. I've never heard of anything like i t before and I'm wondering how it's going to do! Watch to keep an eye out for it.

It will either be huge or it will be the biggest boondoggle in the on-line auto parts industry. At this point I'd sday its 50 / 50. I'd like to say more but they swore me to secrecy. They want to make a big splash with tis thing. I believe that they'll make a big splash guaranteed. The only question will it be by going great or being a huge dud? Stay tuned for more on this in the next couple of days. As soon as they announce it, I'll have some insider stuff to share. It will definitely make you laugh.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Replacing Your Jeep's Lights

Imagine a vehicle without lights. Back in the good ole day, they weren't an option. You certainly didn't want to be caught out driving when the sun started setting. And if you were, you would rush somewhere to park your car and have to walk home. With the advances being made with auto lights today, we are certainly spoiled compared to our grandfathers! Lights are an essential part of a vehicle and an important area to maintain for safety and reliability. They should be inspected and checked on a periodic basis and replaced when there any visible signs of damage.

Make sure you know your Jeep's lighting specifications including the fuses, headlights, taillights, and breaklights. We recommend that you carry spare fuses and spare light bulbs if practicle so that you'll awlays have lights. The information concerning the replacement specs can be foudn in your Jeep's owner manual. It is also a good idea to learn how to replace the headlights and tailights before actually needing to do so. Different automotive models and vehicles have different set-ups for the lights. Some plug in, some screw in, some you need to remove from the inside through a get the idea. Having this knowledge will be very beneficial to you if you're stranded out in the miuddle of no-where under less than ideal circumstances.

Typically headlights can be actually accessed more easily than the taillights or break lights. For sealed-beams, there are usually two or three screws along with a ring around the lamp itself that hold the bulb in place. Once the ring is removed, the bulb unplugs easily. Sidemarker lights are usually pretty easy to access. If you can remove the bulb, installation is usually a snap. Replacement lights are easily obtainable over the web though on-line stores like Xtreme Terrain Concepts. Xtreme Terrain Concepts offers a line up of replacement headlights and tail lights for various Jeep models.

Besides simple replacment lights, the aftermarket industry has lead the charge in development high quality specialty lights and the l eading manufacturing of these types of lights used for off-road applications is KC HiLiTE. KC HiLites are the best quality aftermarket 4x4 lights made today!

KC HiLiTES is recognized as the number 1 manufacturer and designer in the auxilary and off road lighting industry. They were the first company to design and manufacture offroad lights starting with their Daylighter light. They have continued to build on their great reputation for long-lasting performance and quality made products. KC HiLiTES specializes in truck, SUV and Jeep lighting products, offering a complete line of light related items such as Fog and Driving Lights, Offroad Lights, Long Range Lights, Light Covers, Light Stone Guards, etc. Xtreme Terrain Concepts offers these fantastic lights. See why experienced offroad drivers ask for KC HiLiTE products.

Accessorizing Your Jeep For Tough Offroad Adventures

There is nothing more fun than driving a dependable, safe, and reliable Jeep. Of course, want to get where you are going in style too! Car manufacturers continue to make for advanced developments in their vehicles to meet the consumer's demands for better performance, safety and style, and the Chrysler with its line of Jeeps is no exception! They are constantly psuhing the envelope to deliver bigger and more exciting features.

There is also good news for those folks who currently own the base model Jeep. You can enjoy improved safety, performance and style as well by buying aftermarket auto parts readily available over the web. The aftermarket industry has pushed the envelope on the features of their products jsut like the suto manufacturers and stores like Xtreme Terrain Concepts will provide you a wide and varied assortment of parts for the different Jeep models at extremely affordable prices.

If you are planning an off-road adventure with your Jeep Wrangler, Jeep CJ, or Grand Cherokee, make sure your vehicle is prepared for the rigors you'll meet out on the trails. You'll want to find any weak or defective parts in your Jeep and make sure that they are replaced with top quality replacement Jeep Components. Pay particular attention to the engine (so it doesn't fizzle out after a challenging ride through the mud and rocks leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere) and the suspension so you don't find yourself hung up on an obstacle. If you need engine parts, suspension parts or any other part for your Jeep, there is only one place that will provide you just what you need at the best price, Xtreme Terrain Concepts. There you will be sure to get the best item for your Jeep. Getting the most dependable parts, will help you to avoid roadside and trailside delays due to problems and more importantly, save you a lot of time and trouble.